In today’s episode, I interview Shane Cradock. Shane is a business and performance coach. Shane’s clients include successful CEOs and their leadership teams, ambitious entrepreneurs and high-performance individuals.

In simple terms, Shane’s focus is on growth – business and personal. Shane support’s his clients in often a variety of roles, be it as a coach, mentor, advisor, facilitator, consultant etc. Basically, whatever Shane has to do to help get the results they want.

Shane is a speaker at various events, run workshops and seminars and has a big passion for writing – business and creative. Inspire Me: Life Wisdom To Pass On is Shane’s most recent book and he writes his own weekly blog, ‘Eye Of The Storm’.

Interesting fact about Shane is that he is also an award-winning playwright. Most recently he wrote, produced and crowdsourced his first play The Waiting Room.

Funny story I met Shane as I found his wallet at a conference after he dropped it, the positive deed of giving it back sparked up a conversation which over time resulted in Shane being a guest on the podcast.

Please enjoy!

In the interview we discuss:

  • Shanes journey to now.
  • The struggles Shane overcame in his twenties and the turning point.
  • Working with top level Executives, Entrepreneurs & Sportstars.
  • Creating, producing & crowdsourcing an Award Winning play.
  • Mental awareness & managing mental health.
  • Why Shane collects great questions and famous quotes.
  • How the heart, head, and gut impact your mind.
  • Why there is no better return than investing in yourself.
  • How to visualise effectively.
  • How to recharge you.
  • What Shane Knows Now That He Wish He Knew Then.
  • Shane’s new Clarity Programme.

(If you dont have time to listen to the full interview today, listen to this 30 second clip where Shane explains a very practical technique to create a moment of mindfulness called SHIFTS. Click here.)

What you will learn by listening to this podcast episode:

  • The importance of the mind
  • SHIFTS a simple technique to practice mindfulness in a moment
  • Advice to manage your mental health
  • The ability to declutter your life

To find out more about Shane check out the details below:

To find out more about Shane’s Clarity program the details can be found on Eventbrite by clicking the link here.

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