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Here’s a hand-picked collection of some kind words and sentiments about Mark Kelly and WIKN.

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Enjoyed being interviewed for WIKN. I said yes because Mark is passionate about personal development. It was a pleasure to work with someone who is warm, friendly, organised, passionate about their work and who has integrity. I would recommend working with Mark.

Sinead Kane

First blind solicitor in Ireland & Endurance Athlete

Mark is very professional and personable. I really enjoyed the whole What I Know Now podcast experience . Mark is a cultured interviewer who genuinely listens to his guests in order to bring out the best in them. If you get a chance to work with Mark, I highly recommend the experience.

Paul Boross

"The Pitch Doctor", Keynote speaker, Trainer and Author

Mark’s doing a great job with the podcast and I was delighed to be featured recently. I love the style and the idea and always learn something interesting from the calls. Marks is an inspring, enthuiastic and driven guy who’s making a great difference.

Pat Divilly

Author, Speaker & Transformation Coach

Mark produces an interesting and pertinent podcast series. My particular episode went smoothly and it has generated a lot of subsequent feedback and visitors to my blog. Thanks Mark for a professional but fun hour!

Greg Savage

Recruitment Business Growth: Board Advisory, Consulting, Investment, Keynote Speaking

Was delighted to have been asked by Mark to take part in his podcast. Fantastic initiative and so many great ideas from listening to all the podcasts in the series. Would highly recommend getting involved if you have something valuable to share. Top guy as well!

Stephen Cluskey

CEO and Disability Advocate, Mobility Mojo

I’m really impressed by Mark Kelly! He interviewed me for his “What I Know Now” podcast, and did a great job of asking smart, relevant questions which shed light on important aspects of career and success. He wrote an excellent synopsis of our interview, which indicates that Mark is an excellent listener. And I love his daily short videos which give practical advice.
I’m so happy that Mark reached out to me, and I look forward to keeping in touch with him. I have complete confidence that he will continue to expand his network and influence, as he touches people’s lives in a positive way. Rock on, Mark!

Jim McCarthy

Silicon Valley Expert on Peak Performance Teams

I had the pleasure of been interviewed by Mark on his “What I Know Now” Podcast. I have done a lot of TV, radio and podcast interviews in recent years and I found Mark to be probably the most helpful, friendly and genuine interviewer I have come across. He comes across as way more interested in me than his podcast which is very unusual, especially once it’s over! During my time with Mark, I learned a lot more than I expected and I was very happy to be his guest. If you get a chance to be on his show, I strongly recommend you take up the opportunity

Jim Kirwan

Employee Well-Being & Inactivity Specialist

I was delighted and honoured to be interviewed by Mark as part of his WIKN series. I learned a lot from listening to other speakers who had contributed, so I was more than happy to share some of the wisdom and insights I’ve picked up over the years. As someone who is passionate about Personal Development and Leadership I can recognise that passion in others and Mark’s enthusiasm for these topics, for learning, for reaching for your dreams, for stepping into your potential is contagious. Plus he’s a great interviewer!

James Sweetman

Executive & Life Coach

I was approached by Mark to be a part of his podcast series through a recommendation of a mutual acquaintance who connected us. I must say I enjoyed the experience immensely. I was highly impressed by his professionalism. It is very clear Mark takes his work and value to his listeners very seriously. His attention to detail and follow up was exceptional. I was particularly impressed with his own synopsis of the information I shared. He presented it to his listeners in a most professional manner. I would definitely work with him in the the future. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Gerry Duffy

Endurance Athlete & Professional Speaker in the area of Personal Development

Great project Mark. I think back to that lone tech guy driving some crazy project forward and the one valuable thing was meeting a like-minded soul navigating similarly high seas. And maybe leaving the conversation a little better off for the stories you’ve exchanged and the possibility that a strong tail wind and a similar force of will is going to see you through. Watching Mark Brennan, I’m intrigued not by the similarities of our journeys but by the differences. And therein lies the true promise of this project. Great idea. Really promising start. Seek out the story-tellers!

Jim Carr

Technology / Start Up

It was a true pleasure to be a guest on Mark’s podcast. Mark’s mission to make the world a better place and share how we can raise our performance by sharing ideas and strategies which in turn will help us live the life of our dreams is something very close to my heart. I throughly recommend Mark and the WIKN Podcast! 🙂

Paul Adamson

Motivational Sales Keynote Speaker

I have known Mark for quite a few years. He is a remarkable character, not least because of his laser focus and high performance results. He is also extremely personable. Recently Mark has embarked on the production of a blog entitled – What I know Now (WIKN.co), which captures insights of industry experts. The personal nature of these interviews makes for very engaging conversations. Mark as a high performer is ideally suited to drive the conversation. I would strongly recommend both Mark and his blog.

Ade McCormack

Digital business and transformation advisor

Enjoyed sharing my story and being a part of Mark’s podcast. I also attended one of his events which I can’t recommend highly enough. Mark is a great guy and I have nothing but positive things to say about him. Good luck Mark!

James Cluskey

Ex-Tennis professional and Richard Branson's Tennis coach

Had a great time interviewing with Mark on the WIKN podcast. Mark has a genuine interest in discovering the practical insights you can share with listeners to help them with their own journey. Would highly recommend him.

James McCann

Founder and Managing Director, Clear Story

It was a pleasure to take some time with Mark to ponder the journey from there to here. There are all kinds of influences that set us down one path or another in our lives, and I valued the opportunity to appreciate some of the twists of fate that led me towards the companies I’ve helped build and to the exciting position I find myself in today.

Sean Blanchfield

CEO, Pagefair

I really enjoyed working with Mark on What I Know Now. The podcast is very well thought out and he puts great passion behind what he does. I’m much more accustomed to asking questions so it was fun to be on the other side of the mic. Mark is very driven to discover strong stories and, for me, that’s what makes his show work – that and a really honest and clear agenda.

Gary Quinn

Editor, Irish Times Content Studio

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