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If you want to want to live a life with lots of vibrant energy, then Doug Gordon is your man to help you do so. While he has worked for over 20 years in the investment world, Doug is also passionate about helping others optimise their performance in business and in life. This hunger to help others all started after he had a near death experience in 2012.

Like every other businessman in 2008, Doug began to feel the stress in a recession-hit environment and he also had to undergo two operations on digestive problems. Five years ago, he caught a virus which resulted in a near-death experience, which he describes as both surreal and amazing. This would change Doug’s outlook as he came back with a passion to serve and help others.

He would also find out he had a skill of healing. When his seven-year-old stepped on a splinter and they couldn’t get it out, Doug said a few prayers and out it popped. His son then told everyone his Dad had healing powers and it took off from there. He has since helped musicians, models, sports stars and celebrities and his healing powers would then turn into life coaching. This would later result in workshops with his own business DDG Performance Optimisation and he now also delivers keynote speeches around the world.

When Doug first approached me to say he was interested in being a guest, I thought his story was a little bit out there but after meeting him a few times now, he is a really nice guy and we have become really good friends. I was delighted to share his podcast with you which has plenty of advice for you to learn and grow from, including the need to visualise your goals, living in the present moment and how you can improve your lifestyle for the better.

You can listen to Doug’s podcast at this link or it is also available for download on iTunes.

Here are four key learns to take away from Doug’s intriguing podcast:

1. Visualise your goals. Doug believes that one of the key secrets to success is visualising your goals and really believing that you can reach them no matter what. In an extra tip from me to help you visualise them, why not create a vision board and get all the goals you want to achieve in life on the board. Doug’s advice is that once you visualise your goals, you can start to create a plan of how you are going to get there. However, the important thing is to be persistent. There will be different challenges along the way, but you have to just keep at it and keep on fighting until you achieve what you want.

2. Look after your body, mind and soul. To maximise your energy and to get yourself more uplifted if you are feeling down, it is all about looking after body, mind and soul. Get regular exercise to keep that blood circulating around your body and it is also important to get proper nutrition by eating good nutritious, healthy food. In terms of mind and soul, Doug loves meditation which is a great way to help you relax and reduce stress. Doug also offers another interesting technique called Laughter Yoga to help you feel better. Even if you don’t feel up to it, start laughing in front of a mirror or give yourself a big smile. If you start implementing these methods into your daily routine, you will begin to feel so much better about yourself.

3. Your words shape your reality. You have to be careful what you think about yourself and the words you use. Too many people are saying things like “I’m grand” or “Not too bad” but these mediocre words will then make you feel nothing more than average. Start using more positive words like “I’m feeling great” or “I’m fantastic” and you will notice that you will start to feel better. What you think you are and the words you use have a big impact on how you will live your life. “Thoughts lead to speech, speech leads to action, action leads to habits and habits lead to destiny. So, start with a positive thought and end with a positive destiny.”

4. Live in the present moment. A lot of people don’t manage their mindset. They are either thinking too much about the past or procrastinating about the future, but all you really have to do is live in the present moment and enjoy every day as it comes. Doug loves to describe this through the Lion King when the monkey slaps Simba who asks “why did you do that?” and the monkey says “It doesn’t matter, it was in the past.” When you decide to live in the present moment, everything will start to become much clearer and you will be able to concentrate much better on what you are doing.

Do you agree with my key learns from Doug’s podcast? Was there anything else you learned from his podcast? I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below.

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