There is a big week ahead as we are just three days away from the very first What I Know Now event to celebrate our one-year anniversary.

As you know the What I Know Now podcast introduces listeners to inspirational stories of leadership and personal development, where guests discuss the good and bad of their journey to now, the challenges they have overcome and what advice they would offer to their 18-year-old on what they know now that they wish they knew then.

Over the past year, I have interviewed people from all walks of life from polar explorers, New York Times bestselling authors, eltie runners and motivational speakers to help you learn and grow from their experience to become the best version of yourself so you can stand on the shoulders of giants.

If you are heading to the very first What I Know Now event this Thursday, I will be sharing why I set up the podcast and how it got started. We will also have guests coming to share their experience as well as a live podcast.

Here are the inspirational people that will be speaking at the event this Thursday:

Stephen Cluskey

Stephen Cluskey is an award-winning entrepreneur, disability advocate, public speaker and CEO of Mobility Mojo. Having suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury at the tender age of just 18, which left Stephen paralysed from the neck down, he has since gone on to achieve, in a short time, more than most would in a lifetime.

I will interview Stephen in a live podcast about his journey to now, the best pieces of advice he has received and so much more, including what advice he would give to his younger self.

Shane Cradock

Shane Cradock is a business and performance coach. Shane’s clients include successful CEOs and their leadership teams, ambitious entrepreneurs and high-performance individuals. Shane is also a speaker at various events, run workshops and seminars and has a big passion for writing , including wirting an award-winning play The Waiting Room.

Shane will be speaking about his experience and what advice he would offer his 18-year-old self. You can listen to my podcast with Shane here.

Pat Falvey

Pat Falvey is an Explorer, Entrepreneur, Author, Filmmaker and one of the world’s most sought out inspirational speaker. In my three-part interview with Pat, he shares his amazing story and discusses the importance of dreaming big, creating his own destiny to become a millionaire, how success leaves clues, the feeling of reaching the top of Mount Everest and much, much more.

Pat will also be sharing the advice he would offer to his younger self. To learn more about Pat, you can ehck out the podcast at the following links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Pat Slattery

Pat Slattery is a business mentor, international speaker and success coach, who has studied, researched, written and spoken for 20 years in the fields of Business and Personal Development. He has also worked with government agencies, colleges, companies and non-profit organisations in the areas of training, mentoring, motivation and communication.

Pat will also be sharing his experience and offer what advice he would give to his 18-year-old self. To find out more about Pat, you can listen to his What I Know podcast here.

Colm O’Brien

Colm O’Brien is a CEO mentor, business coach and blogger, best selling author and motivational speaker. I will share my positive experience meeting with Colm and introduce him, who will then share what advice he would offer to his 18-year-old self. You can learn more about Colm at his website

I am really looking forward to the event this Thursday, 28 September at 6pm at the Hamilton Building Trinity College Dublin and I am delighted that more What I Know Now events are on the way.

If you have not managed to gain a ticket to the event, don’t worry because we have another event coming up next month on Thurdsay 26 October, more details of which will be coming soon.

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