He never wears a suit, but you will most often see him wearing a hat. Bill Boorman is a very interesting individual and he is one that did not let tough times such as bankruptcy get him down. Losing nearly everything you own is not something anyone would want to go through, but it made Bill realise exactly what was most important in his life.

After becoming unemployed, Bill decided to invest his time in going out and meeting new people sparking a conversation about several topics because he believes you can learn a lot from the conversations you have with other people. Bill is very passionate about the recruitment business and works with the number one online media resource for recruiters RecruitingDaily.com. He also set up #Tru – the Recruiting Unconference, which is held across the globe to create conversations between thousands of people who work in recruiting.

In the interview, Bill talks very passionately about the future of the recruitment business discussing a range of topics into how Google might change the recruiting sector, his belief that the 9-6 hours don’t work in the industry and if machine learning will put people out of jobs. Bill also offers advice on how to overcome those tough times and discusses how he never considers what he does to be a job.

You can listen to Bill Boorman’s podcast at this link and it is also available to download on iTunes.

Here are some key learns to take away from listening to Bill’s podcast:

1. Money does not mean everything. Bill mentions that when the recession came, he went bankrupt and had to sell his luxury holiday homes and fancy cars. However, losing all his fortune made Bill change how he viewed the world. He was grateful that he managed to keep a roof over his family’s head and learnt that this was the most important thing to him. Bill learned that he did not need nice cars and all the luxury in the world to be happy and is very grateful with what he has now. Money can buy you all the things you ever want in life, but it does not guarantee happiness.

2. Learn from your conversations with other people. Despite going bankrupt and becoming unemployed, Bill took the time to grow his network by meeting people, gain their knowledge and share it out. By setting up #Tru he wants to connect more and more people through recruiting, and help them learn from other people’s experiences and the stories they have to tell. Bill says he even learns loads when speaking to his own son or daughter. You can read book after book to grow your knowledge, but you can learn a lot as well from going out and meeting people listening to the stories they share with you.

3. Be passionate about what you do. Bill is very passionate what about he does and describes that he never considers what he does to be work or a job. It is an amazing feeling to do something you love and that you are so passionate about. This goes to show that you should go out there and achieve your dreams. It can be a tough journey to where you want to go but if have the passion and the drive about something whether it is recruiting, education, medicine etc. nothing should stop you. Your goals are meant to challenge you but once you get achieve them, the hard work will all pay off.

4. Live in the moment. When talking about what advice he would give to his 18-year-old self, Bill said he never had a strategy or a goal and believes people should sometimes just go out there and see what happens. While it is important to have goals and knowing where you want to get to in life, you should also enjoy the time you have. When things are not going your way, don’t let it defeat you. Don’t spend your time worrying about things and just go out and see what happens. You never know what is around the corner and sometimes they are the best moments.

Do you agree with my takeaways from Bill Boorman’s podcast? What were the keys things that you took away from Bill’s interview? Let me know my leaving a comment below.

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