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It is amazing how one small opportunity can turn into something completely life-changing. This is exactly what happened to Dr Ciara Kelly as one award-winning article she wrote for the Sunday Independent would turn into a successful career in the world of media, something she would have never would have dreamed of a few years prior.

Ciara studied medicine at UCD qualifying in general practice in 1997 and went on to work in the local family practice in Greystones, Co.Wicklow. She loved working as a GP but one opportunity to write an article for the Sunday Independent in 2008 would turn would spark a new beginning for Ciara. She received a Medical Journalism award for her debut article and things really picked up from there.

She has since gone on to host the Saturday morning talk show ‘Alive and Kicking’ on Newstalk – which I am privileged to have been a guest on – and just last month, she permanently took over the weekday lunchtime slot from George Hook to host her new show ‘Lunchtime Live.’ Ciara is also one of the medical experts on the popular RTE series Operation Transformation, she is in talks over a possible book deal and was even asked to take part in a play. She loves living a life full of energy and excitement.

You can listen to Ciara’s podcast at this link or it is also available to download on iTunes.

Ciara offers some really good pieces of advice in the interview, so here are four key learns to take away from the podcast:

1. Anything can happen. Ciara studied medicine at university and followed her passion to become a GP. However, Ciara has since gone on to have a successful career in media, which she describes happened by accident. She was asked to write an article for the Sunday Independent and this one piece grabbed so much attention, she won an award for her this article. Ciara has since gone on to do radio, television and absolutely loves it. It just goes to show you never know what will happen but you have to trust that things will work out for you.

2. Your opinion matters. Ciara describes that she would have been a vocal teenager and loved debating but as she went into her 20’s and 30’s, things changed as she became a mother. However, she is once again more confident and mature to believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion. A lot of people don’t voice their opinion because they don’t want to make a fool of themselves, but nobody’s opinion is more important than anyone else. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let your thoughts be heard.

3. Live a life of energy. Ciara is always a busy woman whether it is hosting her talk show on Newstalk or being involved in RTE’s Operation transformation. She loves having a jam-packed schedule because she hates being bored. She describes that what she does gives her massive energy and loves meeting new people through her radio show. Everyone should work towards a career that you are passionate about and what gives you massive energy. Don’t settle for anything less. Work hard to get there and live a life that excites you.

4. Don’t let anyone hold you back. One of the main points of advice Ciara would offer to her 18-year-old self is not to let the thoughts and opinions of random strangers hold you back. Don’t let other people tell you the narrative: do what you want to do and don’t let anyone else decide it for you. There are people who will give you good advice and you will trust and respect those people but as for those random people who doubt you, just ignore them. Back yourself, believe you are worth it and go after what you truly want in life.

Do you agree with my takeaways from Ciara’s podcast or was there something else you learned from the interview? I  would love to hear your thoughts so please drop me a comment below.

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