Pat Divilly has emerged as one of Ireland’s best young entrepreneurs helping clients all over the world achieve success in both weight loss and personal development. However, the road to success proved to be much tougher that Pat thought it would be.

Having found a passion for health and wellness in his early teenage years, Pat made the choice to become a fitness trainer spending a few summers in San Diego helping out around the gym and training in MMA. However after gaining his Masters Degree in Exercise and Nutritional Science from Chester University, Pat thought he would be able to just walk into a job. Sadly, it’s not that easy.

Pat made the decision to move to Dublin with the goal to become a successful trainer, but he soon realised it was easier said than done. He was let go from a couple of gyms for telling some home truths to clients and an early business venture failed, all of which knocked his confidence. This ambitious guy was now working at a clothes shop in Dublin’s Ilac Centre and felt like a complete failure having told everyone he was going to be a big deal.

However, Pat soon realised that he was taking the wrong approach and instead of trying to be this celebrity trainer, he began to see that fitness was about helping others. He became passionate about helping people find their passion in all aspects of life and from training five people on a beach, Pat has 20,000 people go through his online training programs and best-selling books. To top it all off, he was rewarded by being named Galway Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2014.

Everyone has their rough patches in life. Pat and lots of other guests I have interviewed over the past year have overcome these obstacles, which made them the successful people they are today. Pat is another example that no matter how tough life is, you can jump over those hurdles and become the person you want to be.

You can listen to Pat’s full podcast at this link, while it is also available to download on iTunes.

Here are the five key things to take away from Pat’s inspiring interview:

1. Any goal will have it’s challenges. After successfully completing a Masters degree in Exercise and Nutritional Science, Pat thought that he would be able to just walk into a job. However, he soon realised it was not that easy and after a couple of failed projects, Pat lost his confidence. However, Pat managed to find a way overcome these hardships to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. Goals are meant to challenge you to make you stronger. If they were too easy, what would you learn? No matter what it is you want to achieve, be prepared that there will be a tough road ahead.

2. A morning ritual helps you on the road to Success. A lot of my guests have talked about starting off their day with a morning ritual to help them seize the day. Pat is no different as he likes to read, write in his journal or do some training to gain that energy he needs to focus for the day ahead.  It is important to take control of your morning because it will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Grabbing your phone first thing in the morning won’t give you energy and focus. It may seem like just a small step, but this small change will help you become more focused and more confident to help you accomplish your goals.

3. Action cures fear! Saying all these things you want to be is easy, but it can be difficult actually putting them into action. Pat believes that if you wait for a situation to be perfect to put your idea into action, then you will be waiting forever. A lot of people will find a way to put off something for whatever reason, but things will never be perfect. Put things off and the fear will only grow and grow. Stop being a passivationist and be an activationist. Take on your fear, conquer it and you will have a new found confidence. There will be obstacles along the way, but just deal with them when you come to them.

4. If you want 100%, you have to give 100%. Pat was too busy trying to be this celebrity trainer that he forgot that the real work as a fitness trainer was to help others get healthier and feel better about themselves. The more effort you put in, the bigger the reward. Pat’s groups have also raised over €250,000 for charities such as Cystic Fibrosis Ireland and Console, and are currently building a school in Nepal to promote youth leadership and education. Pat’s has received much praise for his charitable work and admits the appreciation is a real confidence boost. Go that extra mile in your professional and personal life, and people will acknowledge all the hard work and effort you put in.

5. Don’t try to be someone else. One of the most important things Pat wishes he could say to his 18-year-old self is to stop wearing masks and stop trying to be someone else to fit in. He lacked confidence and was desperate for people to like him when he was younger, but all this held him back from becoming the person he wanted to be. His advice to others in his situation now is that “you are good enough as you are.” Take off the mask and stop comparing yourself to others because nobody is perfect. Just be yourself and people will accept the you for the ambitious, kind and authentic person that you are.

Do you agree with my key learns from Pat’s podcast? Did you take something else away from Pat’s story? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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