Growing up in a council estate in Moyross, Co.Limerick, Pat Slattery never let his background prevent him from being the very best he could be. He took a big risk by leaving school at the age of 14 in an area of 88% unemployment but it was one that paid off, as he was handed his first job in the Cruises Hotel in Limerick.

All of his hard work began to reward Pat as plenty more opportunities came his way to climb up the ladder to success. From a dishwasher in the hotel, to a doorman at a nightclub in Limerick, he went on to build a number of successful companies creating multiples of millions of Euro for Pat and his partners.  For the past 20 years Pat has worked in the fields of Business and Personal Development, and is regarded as one of the most exciting and memorable speakers in the world.

He is always looking for new challenges to help make an impact on other people’s lives. He recently set up the Virtual Business Academy with Carmel David to help people understand their existing skillset and create a business that works around their lifestyles, rather than living their lives around their business. 

You can listen to my full interview with Pat at this link.

Pat’s offers a wealth of advice in his inspiring interview, so here are five key learns to take away from his podcast:

1. “Get involved in the process”. Pat never let the fact that he grew up in a council estate in Moyross, Co.Limerick with a 88% unemployment rate hold him back from achieving his goals. He left school at 14 and got a job working as a concierge at the Cruises Hotel in Limerick. From there, plenty of more opportunities came Pat’s way through hard work and his belief that he was going to be the very best version of himself. Whatever background you come from, it should not hold you back from achieving your dreams. However, you must be willing to put in the hard work and put yourself out there to obtain those goals. Opportunities won’t come to you.

2. Choose your own environment. A lot of people come to Pat and ask how do you become happy or how do I become more confident? It is a question many people will ask themselves, but Pat reckons we are naturally happy and naturally confident. However, he believes that through life we become conditioned by what is going on around us. He wants people to take control of their environment and choose what they allow into it. If there is something or someone negative that holds you back from being happy, you need to let it go.

3. Don’t let business take over your life. There was a time that Pat lost everything: his business, his home but he managed to keep going despite not realising he was failing. It made him realise that you should not allow business to take over your life. It is about finding a balance between work and your personal life. Pat wants to show people how to put quality time into their business so they can have more quantity times for their lives. Loved ones don’t just want quality time, they want more of your time. Working hard and dedication will pay off to achieve you goals, but you also need to find the balance to go out and enjoy life as well.

4. Accept that things happen for a reason. One of the most inspiring stories in the interview is when Pat describes that being late for work one day led to him saving a man’s life, who was having a heart attack on the side of the road. If Pat was on time, the man may not have survived. There are a lot of moments in life when things don’t turn out as planned but you need to accept that you are guided down this path for a particular reason. Pat believes he meant to be late that morning so he could make a difference to that man’s life. Don’t look back too much questioning “What If” and just accept that some things happen for a reason.

5. Don’t be afraid of failure. As I mentioned above, Pat lost his business and had 1.4 million owed to him when the recession hit. It was difficult for Pat let go of something he was so passionate about, but he now realises that the right thing he should have done was to let it go much sooner. We should not be afraid of failure because sometimes, things like losing a job or going bankrupt make you more resilient. As the old saying goes “learn from your mistakes”. If things don’t work out the way you hope, you need to stay strong. Don’t think about it too much and keep working hard to achieve your goals no matter what obstacle comes your way.

Do you agree with my take aways from Pat’s podcast? What were the moments in the interview that inspred you most? Let me know my leaving a comment below.

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