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It was a very successful evening at What I Know Now’s 1 Year Anniversary last month, as inspiring guests shared their insights and experience at the very first What I Know Now event.

It was a very successful night in Trinity College Dublin as guests Shane Cradock, Pat Slattery, Pat Falvey and Colm O’Brien shared what advice they would offer to their 18-year-old self.

I also hosted the very first live podcast with Stephen Cluskey, founder of Mobility Mojo and then the tables were turned, as Pat Falvey interviewed me on why I set up the podcast and some of the best pieces of advice I have learned.

I was delighted with how the event went and genuinely could not sleep for three days after it. There were some brilliant guests, an amazing audience with a few familiar faces from the podcast in there as well.

Here is a sample of some of the feedback I received from guests and attendees:

I think people love those sort of events and learning from inspirational and motivational life stories. I have been to Tedx talks and attended the web summit as a volunteer and I learned more from last night. I think there is such a future for events like these for people to also network and meet like-minded souls.

It’s not advice exactly that I took away, more like proof. I’m in college and working 2 jobs, these speakers had the same ambitions and mindset when they were young so it gave me hope to just keep doing what I’m doing and I’ll reach my goal in the end. Excellent event and idea and if I can get out of college I’ll be at the next one. 

The event was inspirational and thought provoking. It opened my eyes to my potential. The event is extremely beneficial and well worth attending!

The What I Know Now Event was very inspiring and engaging. Amazing presentations, discussions, and people. I learned a lot!

I think it was a very inspiring event. The key pieces of advice are plenty but to highlight the main one is to believe you can do it! I look forward to attending more of such events in future



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