The What I Know Now Inspire conference “Achieve. Succeed. Enhancing your Ability to Succeed” proved to be a huge success a couple of weeks ago, as a host of brilliant speakers and guests came together for another evening of inspiration.

With the rain pouring down all day in Dublin, there were some pre-event concerns if people would attend the evening, but thankfully the bad weather was not enough to keep people away from coming to Wynn’s Hotel in Dublin’s City Centre to learn and grow from the experience from some of the best motivational speakers in the country.

The ever-energetic Doug Gordon got the evening underway in exciting fashion, as he invited everyone in the room to stand up and say “hello” to the person next to them with a high-five, handshake or a hug. What a warm and exciting way to get everyone in gear for what would be a brilliant event.

The key piece of advice that Doug offered is that he loves to live a life full of LOVE, which is an acronym for lots of vibrant energy. He said everything in life is about energy, including your thoughts and the words you use. How you view yourself in the world is so important and Doug wants to teach you to “Start with a positive thought and end with a positive destiny.”

From Doug teaching us about LOVE, we heard from Chris Flack who wants to help us all “UnPlug” from our mobile technology. He played the 2001 Daft Punk hit “Harder Better Faster” to describe how his life was, but he has since been able to gain the right balance between life and business.

One of the main takeaways to gain from Chris’ words of wisdom was the power of meditation. Meditation will help you be there in the moment and take that break from your busy lives to enjoy much-needed relaxation. His business Unplug has been up and running for 18 months, as he tries to help people take control of their technology which will help you have better attention management, increased productivity and higher quality downtime.

The third speaker was a new face to the What I Know Now community as Business Performance Specialist and Bestselling Author Bob Lee offered plenty of advice that he would share with his 18-year-old self.  Interestingly, Bob said that 90% of his life he would not do any differently believing that we learn more from the hardships and failures. He told guests to listen to the people who give you good advice because they can help you through the tough times.

Bob threw out the question to the audience asking what is the one thing to makes somewhere a Great Place to Work that he found while researching for ‘Trust Rules’. Plenty of answers were thrown across the room, but it was our youngest guest 10-year-old Luca that hit the nail on the head with promises. If a manager keeps his promises – the big and small – 19 out of 20 employees will be satisfied that they are part of a Great Place to Work.

In over 20 years working in business, Shane Cradock offered some of his best insights on some of the biggest mistakes people make. The first topic he discussed was meaningless success. He did engineering in college and while he did enjoy it, it wasn’t his true passion. His advice was to know what you want to do and ask yourself what do you truly care about? You must have a vision of where you believe your success lies.

“Are you managing your state like a professional?” Well according to Shane, people are not managing their state of mind, either physically, emotionally or spiritually. He used the brilliant metaphor that the mind is like a snowglobe; it works best when it is clear. If there is something you want, go after it. Don’t live in the past and work on what you want to improve in your life. If you are not doing so, you need to manage your state and thankfully Shane is helping many businesses realise the importance of this.

His final point was that if people start to believe in their own excuses, so much talent and potential will be wasted. Shane has been obsessed with success for over two decades, but what is the secret to success? There are so many possible answers but his close family friend Cassie, who he spoke very highly of after she recently passed away, said her secret was that she lived every day like a celebration.

“Whatever it takes, I’ll be the best me” is what business mentor Pat Slattery always told himself. Having left school at 14, Pat set a goal to become a millionaire by the time he was 40 and he did exactly that having set up a very successful security business in Limerick. However, his advice was to be aware that there is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. It is all about getting the right team of people around you and they will help you get to where you want to go.

Another top tip he offered to fellow business people is to understand the difference between quality time and quantity time. He believes that our children nowadays only understand quantity time and not quality time. He said too many of us are letting business impact everything in your life and you need to take that time out to be with your loved ones. To help people get that balance right, he offered each guest a gift of a business plan document to help them get the most of their own careers. 

There was also plenty of inspiration and a lot of laughs too when I sat down with legendary presenter Bibi Baskin in our live podcast. Bibi discussed her early career of becoming the first woman in Ireland to have her first TV chat show and she certainly grew quite the following through the late 1980’s and ’90s. However, when I tried to have Bibi share a particular story about an overzealous fan, she was having none of it. All she answered were the words “I couldn’t give a damn” as the room filled with laughter.

Bibi spent 15 years living in India where she would set-up and manage her own heritage hotel. Despite having no background in the area, Bibi went for it because she did not care if she failed or succeeded. She highlighted that we have a great habit of repeating of repeating histories which is fine if they are good, but it could also mean repeating the bad. So if you do fail at something, you can have time to lick your wounds but then you have to move on and reflect on what happened so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

When she returned to Ireland a little over three years ago, she noticed that Irish people were working too hard, hurting themselves both mentally and physically and therefore putting themselves under severe amounts of stress. She asks the question “what is it all for?” and still isn’t sure what the answer is. However, she believes that people need to take a break and have time to process their thoughts. Her advice is to not take everything so serious and try to have more fun.

Finally, I myself capped off a great evening by sharing some of the best tips I have learned over the past few years. Much like what Pat talked about,  I learned you can’t get there on your own. You need to find people to help you along the way and that is why I have set up these What I Know Now events to allow people come to together and potentially develop meaningful relationships. However,  it is important not to go straight in asking for favours, you have to earn that right by looking for ways you can help them first.

I invited the guests to close their eyes and focus on three things they are grateful for, three good things that happened the day before and three goals for the future. This is a ‘priming’ technique that I do every morning as part of my morning routine.If you are not doing so already, I would highly recommend starting a morning routine because it has really helped me change my life for the better.

To also help you become clear on your goals, it would be a huge benefit to create a vision board. From professional goals to financial goals, to relationships; whatever you want to do in life, get it on the board. Another important thing I have learned is that you must be open to feedback. Not all of it will be positive but instead of getting all defensive like I used to in the past, take it on board and look for areas you can improve on. Receiving feedback is key to your development.

I would like to thank all the speakers and my guests for coming along to make the second What I Know Now event another resounding success and I look forward to doing it all again in February. Here are some of the amazing feedback we received from another great evening of inspiration: 

I really was bowled over by the quality of everyone who spoke and with the event organisation. I am not a natural networker, but the friendly atmosphere made it easy to make connections.  One of the best value events I have ever attended and one that I am happily recommending to colleagues and friends.

Heather Leeson, Nutritionist, Glenville Nutrition


This was my 2nd WIKN event and it was just as good as the first. I left both seminars felling inspired with my motivation “batteries” recharged until the next one. I’ll be there for sure!

Jim Kirwan, Employee Well-being and Inactivity Expert, Your New Lifestyle Mission


It really was inspiring. Most of what the speakers said is how I already choose to live my life but I think there is always something to learn and the atmosphere that you created was just magical.  So much fun and positivity. The quality of speakers and the ethos behind it is an idea worth spreading to as many people as possible.

Fiona Brennan, Clinical Hypnotherapist, The Positive Habit


If you would like to come along to the next event, you can register your interest on the website here and we will let you know when we have a date and venue confirmed and keep you up to date with all the latest plans.

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