WIKN E03 Part 1 An overview of how Barry Wyse became the VP Of Engineering @ Dimension Data

WIKN is a one stop shop for advice from industry experts, offering their insights with hindsight about what they know now that they wished they knew then.

Barry is the VP Of Engineering at Dimension Data and runs the Cloud Computing Team in Dublin. Barry Graduated from University College Cork and received a Masters from UCD. Barry has worked in a variety of roles from software developer through to VP Of Engineering with Start Up’s, Up Starts and large multinationals such as AOL within Dublin and Silicon Valley.

In this short video Barry Wyse the VP Of Engineering @ Dimension Data & Mark Kelly discuss:

*Barry’s journey to VP Of Engineering from graduation from UCC in Cork to travelling and making the move to work in Silicon Valley
*Barry’s experience working in Silicon Valley and the differences found in the US and Ireland
*Making the move from Engineer to Manager and then back to Engineer and back to Hands on Management
*Working in an Up Start and making the transition to a large multinational

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