Future of Agile

On Thursday the 2nd of November Computer Futures held The Future of Agile Conference.

In this podcast I give an overview of The Future of Agile event that was organised by Cathy O Heaire from Computer Futures. In this short podcast we hear from three of the speakers on the day Rick Cusilito, Ronan Connaire and Frederic Oehl. They share what they spoke about on the day and their biggest takeaways from the other speakers. We also get an audience member’s perspective from Simon Pepper Head of Product at Oxygen 8.

I spoke first at the event about the No 1 Technology Challenge faced by Technology Companies in Ireland. The survey results gathered from VP Of Engineering, CTO’s, Programme Managers and Architects throughout Ireland. The survey results can be found here. I also spoke about What I know Now about Agile from interviewing Mark Brennan VP Of User & Design @ SAP,  Barry Wyse VP Of Engineering @ Dimension Data & Jim Carr Technology Guru & Solution Architect @ Car Trawler. As a technical  non technical person I questioned if Kanban is realistic for companies to adopt and I found out quite quickly from our speakers it could be!

The other talks on the day were by:

Martina Creaven, Lead Scrum Master at Globoforce
Martina has 14 years’ experience within the ICT industry. Experienced in technical training, business analysis, business process improvement and agile software development.

Rob Healy, Agile Product Owner at Ammeon
Rob Healy is an Agile Product Owner with Ammeon, a Cloud and DevOps Consultancy. Rob has been working in agile teams using Kanban, Scrumban and Scrum (and sometimes WAgile) since 2007. He is the m/c and co-organiser at the popular A&E meetup, presented at the 2015 Agile Tour and is a founder of ALI (Agile Lean Ireland Society).

Rick Cusilito, Agile Transformation Lead at Workday
Over the past fifteen years, Rick Cusolito has changed from a reluctant Project Manager to a happy Agile Coach helping teams unlock their potential. He has been working in the US for medium and large organisations in health insurance, financial services, and quasi-governmental companies. Rick has also been facilitating professional development workshops at Boston University, Northeastern University, and Merrimack University in the Boston area. Rick is a self-described introvert who infrequently blogs and tweets under the name QuietAgilist. Rick moved to Dublin in August and is currently employed by Workday as a servant leader of their Agile transformation.

Frederic Oehl, Scrum Master at Storyful
Scrum Master with a degree in Computing along with Masters and MSc in Computing. Solid experience gained within agile methodologies, Java development, unit and functional testing. Strong start-up, EMEA and exposure to the Indian marketplace.

Ronan Connaire, Digital Channels Product Manager at AIB
Agile Product Manager and Strategy Development for AIB’s Online Banking channels.

My guests on the podcast are:

Rick Cusilito, Agile Transformation Lead at Workday

Ronan Connaire, Digital Channels Product Manager at AIB

Frederic Oehl, Scrum Master at Storyful

Simon Pepper Head of Product @ Oxygen 8 Money

We discuss the talks they presented on the day and their learns from attending the Future Of Agile Event.

If you would like to hear more about upcoming Agile events or for the slides please contact Cathy O Heaire @ c.oheaire@computerfutures.ie.

For those that dont know Cathy, Cathy is a Principal Consultant within Computer Futures specialised within the Product Manager & Scrum Master  vertical market.

Please leave a comment if you found the talks interesting.

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